Managing pigmentation in summer

Pic @ victoriamartinmakeup

Pic @ victoriamartinmakeup

In summer, pigmentation is a reality for many of us. Despite our best efforts and religious sunscreen application, for some skin types, pigmentation will still form. For those that have a tendency to suffer from pigmentation or discolouration including freckling and melasma, a tyrosinase inhibitor or pigment blocker may be needed as part of your daily skincare routine. In basic terms pigment blockers are used to help prevent the future production of pigment by inhibiting melanin. This product can be applied topically in the morning after you have cleansed the skin, but before sunscreen is applied to the face and neck.

At Skindepth we have a highly effective pigment laser that we use to treat pigmentation. However to maintain these results, particularly throughout the summer months when there is greater sun exposure, a tyrosinase inhibitor can be an essential skincare product.

 A pigment blocker may also be used to help prepare the skin for a treatment where there is risk of hyperpigmentation forming after strong treatments when there is increased sensitivity to the sun. Treatments include laser, peels, micro- needling and diathermy (to name a few). This sensitivity can lead to dark patches on the treated area. Generally darker skin types are at higher risk of hyperpigmentation and these risks need to be taken into consideration when treatment options are discussed with your Dermal Clinician.

How do Tyrosinase inhibitors work?

Tyrosinase is an enzyme which activates melanin synthesis (melanin being the chromophore or colour in our skin). Hence these products are called tyrosinase inhibitors because they inhibit melanin production. Ingredients found in tyrosinase inhibitors include:

- Kojic acid
- Hydoquinone
- Arbutin
- Liquorice root extract
- Niacinamide
- Oligopeptide-34
- Ascorbic acid
- Rumex occidentalis extract

At Skindepth our 2 favourite Tyrosinase inhibitors are Propaira lightening cream  and Dr Rudd’s personal favourite, Mela Cream. Both can be purchased at Skindepth (no appointment is necessary).

If you are suffering from pigmentation or discolouration then a skin consultation is a great opportunity to discuss concerns and get a full assessment to find out the best treatment and skincare options. All consultations include a complimentary LED Healite which is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.