What can I do pre-laser to get the best results?
There are a number of things you can do to prepare the skin before laser and ensure the most effective results. 

Sun exposure: You must avoid sun exposure 2 weeks prior to laser, this includes using fake tan. Please advise your Dermal Clinician if you have an upcoming holiday where your skin may see sun or snow.

Skincare: You must avoid any active products that include Vitamin A, BHA or AHA 1 week prior to your laser treatment. Avoid active skin care products after your treatment until the skin has settled (up to 1 week usually).

Medications: Please let your clinician know if you currently take anticoagulants such as Aspirin, Plavix, Fish oil, Ibuprofen or St John’s wart. Please also advise of any photosensitising medications such Isotretinoin or Doxycycline.

Cold sores:  If you suffer from cold sores, you may be required to take a short course anti-virals prior to treatment. Please discuss this with your dermal clinician at your consultation.

Swelling: If you are prone to hay fever or previously experienced swelling after your last laser treatment, it is advised to take an antihistamine before the treatment.

Treatment planning: Please ensure you advise your clinician if you have any upcoming birthdays, weddings or events that we need to schedule your treatment around.

Is laser painful?
Laser can have varying levels of discomfort.  This ranges from no discomfort to moderate discomfort. The level depends on the individual, the type of laser, as well as the settings used. The most common feeling described is “the flick of a rubber band”, warmth or a burning sensation. It is usually very tolerable.

Is there any downtime after treatment?
Common symptoms experienced after laser includes swelling, bruising, some redness and a dull ache. Pigment may temporarily darken. Swelling normally lasts 1-2 days, in rare cases up to 7 days. In cases of swelling an antihistamine may be taken. Panadol is useful post treatment for any discomfort, please do not take Ibuprofen.  Application of ice to the skin afterwards can help with and residual heat. You will also be given an ice sachet by your Clinician that you keep on the area as required. Alternatively you can use a bag of peas.

Bruising/ Crusting: May last up to two weeks, this is normal and can be covered with makeup 24 hours post treatment.

Heat: Please avoid going to the gym, hot showers, saunas (anything heating) for 24 hours post laser treatment. You can resume back to normal activities after 24 hours.  

How many sessions will I need?
Depending on what condition is being treated, most people will require between 2-3 treatments. However more treatments may be required, depending on the skins response. The minimum time between treatments is 4 weeks (generally). Most conditions will require ongoing maintenance treatments every 12 months. Your Dermal Clinician will give you guidance and a treatment plan tailored to your skin. Skindepth recommend booking a skin consultation with a Dermal Clinician prior to laser so your skin can be assessed and a skin plan formulated.   

What to do after the treatment?
Gentle skin care and moisturisers are suggested after the laser, and will be recommended by your clinician according to your skin type. Sun protection is vital after the treatment with a hat and sunscreen (SPF 50+) or BB cream. Make up can be applied one day post treatment. Normal skin care can usually resume a week after treatment, or earlier if the skin has settled.

What is the cost?
Laser ranges from $275-$495 depending on the size of the area that is being treated. Your Dermal Clinician will let you know how much your treatments will be in your skin consultation or first appointment. Multiple treatment packages are available.

 If you have any further questions please make an appointment to chat to one of the Dermal Clinicians prior to your appointment.

Please note some pigmented lesions may need to be checked by Dr Alice Rudd to assess if they are benign.

Skindepth Dermatology recommends a full skin consultation before commencing any ongoing treatments.  Your skin will be fully assessed and a skin plan individually customised. The initial consultation is $75 and includes a LED Healite treatment that is suitable for all skin types.