Enhancing the skin's microbiome

Dr Alice Rudd was recently invited to be a guest speaker on a discussion panel for the re-launch of the Lancôme Genifique Serum. This newly reformulated serum includes pre and probiotics to regulate the skin microbiome, an area which Dr Rudd is very interested and passionate about. Protecting our skins microbiome is essential for skin health, enhancing its functionality and therefore its immunity.  

Skin Care on the Slopes

With the cold dry crisp air of winter comes dry, irritated and impaired skin. As soon as the heating goes on in your environment, the moistures in your skin comes straight out! This is even more true in high altitudes such as alpine areas. That is why skiers often struggle with irritable (and sun damaged skin). If you are heading to the slopes this winter, it is worth considering a review of your skin care.