acne clinic

Skindepth Dermatology Acne Clinic is a full service offering that has been specifically designed to treat patients suffering from acne. Skindepth understands that acne is a stressful condition for sufferers and can greatly affect confidence levels. They also understand that treating acne requires a tailored approach with dermaceutical level products and treatments. The acne clinic aims to empower sufferers to seek treatment at the highest level of care. The clinic is appropriate for all acne cases, from the mild, to more severe. 

Acne Clinic Team

Acne Clinic Team

All initial consultations will be undertaken with one of Skindepth’s acne experts who are experienced in treating acne-prone skin (Dermal Clinician).

In the consultation you will:

·         discuss and set skin goals
·         receive a thorough skin assessment
·         receive an integrated and customised skin plan

This skin plan will include recommendations such as skincare products and in-clinic treatments that will reduce inflammation and breakouts, treat scarring and improve the skin’s texture. Dietary recommendations and other lifestyle information will also be provided. Patients that require further assessment will be fast-tracked to see Dr Alice Rudd for a medical consultation. During this appointment all medical treatment options will be discussed and formalised as part of the skincare plan.  

Skindepth’s Acne Clinic provides the perfect opportunity for their clients to get on top of their acne without long wait periods for consultation appointments.   

Call us on 9527 4209 to book an appointment.